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Handfasting Ceremony Hand Ties

Handfasting Ceremony Hand Ties

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Handfasting is an ancient Celtic ritual, symbolising the binding and unity of two people (hence the expression 'tying the knot').

Though they are a traditional ritual, handfasting is becoming more and more popular in modern wedding ceremonies, and it involves binding the hands of the couple with a special hand tie whilst vows are read by the officiant.

You can opt to then continue to read your own vows to your partner or move directly onto the exchanging of rings.

We make all our hand ties from luxury materials, with three materials available to match your wedding dress: soft taffeta, mikado and matte satin.

Each hand tie is finished with clear crystals on each end and comes in a luxury Eliza Loves gift box. The perfect accessory to include on your wedding day, and a great gift for newly engaged couples who are planning on including a handfasting ritual on their wedding day.

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